About Itay Lahat

Itay Lahat is an oenologist and viticulturist, with a long experience in the wine industry.

He is an independent adviser to wineries across Israel, and provides technical support for Enartis and Lallemand wine products in Israel

Head of the wine 'Cellar Master' program at Tel- Hai Academic College


Graduate diploma in Oenology, and graduate certificate in Viticulture. University of Adelaide, Australia.

B.Sc., Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

MBA, Finance and Marketing, School of Business Administration. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professional Experience

Started out at the 1995 harvest as an assistant at the Israeli Wine Institute, producing micro-vinification wines from grapes harvested in experimental plots throughout the country.

Worked in leading wineries and vineyards in Australia, mostly at the Petaluma winery.

From vintage 2000 until vintage 2007 – winemaker at Barkan Winery, performing multiple professional duties such as winery viticulturist, white and rose wines winemaker and red wines co-winemaker; producing wines from all wine regions and most of the grape varietals planted in Israel. From mass-market, commercial wines to highly decorated super premium wines which won acclaimed awards worldwide.

Since 2008 vintage, provides consulting services for wineries, accompanying clients from grape growing, through winemaking to marketing.

Professional Publications

Professional articles about winemaking in various publications, including the Israeli "Wine and Gourmet" and "Terroir" magazines

Regular tasting panel member of "Wine and Gourmet" magazine, and an occasional wine taster for the "Al Hashulchan" magazine.


Head of the wine 'Cellar Master' program at Tel- Hai Academic College

Adjunct lecturer, Ben-Gurion University.

Lecturer at "Soreq" school of wine.

Lahat wines are imported and sold in the UK by 32-34 Wines.

For further details, please email Itay at : itay@itaylahat.co.il or call: +972.50.7912737